Paper Star Project


Okay, new recovery tactic. Feel free to try it for yourselves. 

I just taught myself how to make origami paper stars, and I’m numbering one for each day I’m cut-free and putting them in an empty vitamin water bottle.

Some people make paper stars when they’re happy and put them in a bottle to look back at whenever they’re sad, so I decided to put my own spin on this.

Hopefully whenever I feel triggered I can look at the little stars and think that while one might be insignificant (like a single cut) they can pile up fast and then make a difference, and that thought will be enough to stop me. 

I had a thought that I would burn them and start over once I relapse but I might not do that, idk. This might take some experimenting.

Right now I’m making the stars I need since the last time I cut (11 or so?), and then I’ll sit down and make one every night before bed, and number it. 

Once I relapse, if I do, I’ll decide what to do. 

Edit: most stars are plain white, but I’m gonna make every 8th one a pretty color. So each pretty color means one week.