Anonymous asked:
So i was recently diagnosed with Depersonalization Disorder, i was looking to talk to someone but i couldn't really find anyone on your people to talk to since a lot of them don't work anymore :'( i was curious to talk to other people who have it to see if they have any other type of disorder (i have OCD and paranoia problems as well), if anyone wants to talk i'll message them off anon, thanks love x

Check our people to talk to list!

Anonymous asked:
I was clean for the better part of 3 years give or take a bit, and the past few weeks I've been very tempted to relapse and I have a few times. Nothing has really changed, my life has gotten better actually. I have no idea whats triggering me.

I know the feeling. Sometimes, it’s really just because it had been a habit for so long. Do your best to stay strong, think of how long you’ve been clean for, you don’t want to ruin your precious streak! But even if you do, that’s okay, that doesn’t mean it’s over. Tomorrow is always a new chance to succeed.

Take one day at a time, if you notice urges coming on try to distract yourself or use an alternative of some sort to help you refrain from acting on an impulse. 

I hope this helps, and best of luck <3

Anonymous asked:
I'm not saying this to be rude. Like it's not my intention in the slightest bit but, when someone asks you a question off of anon, it'd be nice if you answered it on private. Because like, just because they want your advice doesn't mean that they want all of your followers to see it. Especially if they say that they're embarrassed by it. Do you know what I mean? Again, I'm not trying to be rude and I'm really sorry if it sounds that way. I love your blog either way, it's just a suggestion. xx

Yes, I am aware, however the advice given to one person can help countless of others. So I post it. This is the way it’s always been. If they’re not comfortable with it being posted, they just ask for me to answer privately and I do so.

Anonymous asked:
I've just started dating a new guy after a bad break up 4 months ago. I survived those 4 months free of cutting but now I find myself drawn to cut again. I can't understand what's gone wrong, I should be happy, right?

There’s nothing wrong with you, you shouldn’t feel one way or another, you just do. You can’t control feelings, so they’re never wrong, they just are. 

Even though you’re with someone knew, you’re most likely still grieving the loss of your previous boyfriend. In my experience it’s totally normal to be drawn to cutting after being clean for a while.

But the longer you go without it, the easier it gets to resist. You may be triggered to cut, but you just have to be strong and control yourself. It’s possible!

And with time both your grief and your impulses should lessen, you just gotta keep fighting. 

Best of luck with the new guy <3

Anonymous asked:
I've been diagnosed with moderate depression, and social anxiety. I was on meds for it, but I moved away and ran out and didn't get more. I've really been struggling lately, and I'm home for break, but idk how to tell my GP I want back on the meds.

You tell them exactly that! They’re totally used to it. Just explain to them you stopped taking your medicine, and you feel like it was a mistake, and you need a new prescription filled. I’m sure they’ll be willing.

Anonymous asked:
What's the difference between anal retentive and ocd?

From my understanding, anal retentiveness is paying extreme attention to detail, almost like a mild form of OCD. However, anal retentiveness is said to be more of a personality type than an actual illness such as OCD.

Examples: Someone who is anal retentive might feel the need to wash their hands before and after every meal, someone with OCD might feel the same need, however, someone with OCD will wash their hands exactly 11(example) times every time they do.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous asked:
hey, I don't know where to talk to.. I feel disgusting. I feel like I'm not even interesting enough for this world. There are times when I laugh and times when I just want to end everything. I can't even talk to my friends, I fear they'll call me crazy. People have left me behind so many times that I don't think it's them anymore, it's me. And I don't know what I should fix, I don't know if I should fix anything, I don't belong anywhere..

Oh hun, you do belong! You’re on this earth for a reason. If you were not alive, SO many things would be different. You have your own chain of reactions. You’ve affected someone else, who in turn has affected someone else, and so on. You’re not crazy, you’re really not, I(and many others I assure you) can relate to how you feel. But is not always like that, things will get better. You just have to believe they will and let them :)

Anonymous asked:
hi there. I maladaptive daydream about things I want to happen in the future. well recently one of the people that is involved in one of these daydreams has died and I just don't know how to cope. daydreaming was my escape and I can't even think about doing it without thinking of him. any tips? thanks a lot and thank you for your wonderful blog.

Hm, I don’t have any experience with maladaptive daydreaming. I guess really this is just about grieving your loss. It’ll take time, but eventually things will get easier. You have to accept his death to move on, you won’t forget him, but you’ll realize you need to move forward with your own life. 

Anonymous asked:
Hey, i was wondering if you could help me in anyway on something i'm deeply embarrassed about. Well i'm 15 and have mood swings and i suffer from purging disorder which i see a therapist about. But the thing is that i know i might sound attention seeking but when people tell me they suffer from any kind of mental illness or even physical illness i get jealous, i'm not like "oh i wish i had an illness" but i don't know i can't control being angry and jealous of them. Is this normal?

I can relate. I think it’s normal, yes. I think it may be like an innate competitiveness in our human nature. It’s annoying and it’s something I have to work on. 

Anonymous asked:
Hey, I found this blog when stalking the maladaptive daydreaming tag. I've been having this huge elaborate fantasy world ever since I was 9. I can control how much time I spend with it but I'm still very much dependent on it. I can concentrate in school & in situations where I need to, but when I get home I need at least 3 hours or so every two days to just immerse in it. Not doing so would lead to agitation & depression. Would this still be considered maladaptive daydreaming or something else?

This could potentially be maladaptive daydreaming, yes, but I am not one to confirm that. I really don’t suggest self-diagnosing. If you really thinking you may have this disorder, see a professional.