Anonymous asked:
I'm not really sure what is going on but I think I am a pathological liar and is that really bad? I always make stuff up to tell my friends so they worry about me or give me stuff, like a few days a go I lied about being blackmailed by this guy so unwound smoke with him just so I could get closer with this other guy who smokes. I do it all the time but the worst thing is I have started to believe the lies and I don't know what is wrong with me, am I a bad person because of this? X

You’re not a bad person! You’re not. Perhaps it could be pathological lying. Or maybe there are reasons you’re doing it that aren’t directly evident. Think of specific lies you’ve created and why. Did you want attention? Did you not want to feel alone? Did you want to feel in control? What were you seeking? Knowing the answers to those questions might help you figure out where this is coming from and in turn how to stop it.

And of course, talking to anyone, but preferably an adult or counselor/therapist, is 100% suggested.

Anonymous asked:
Im on 6 differemt medications for my depression, ADD, schzio, bipolor disorder, anxiety, and insomnia but i kind of think something is goimg on with all of these because I've been having hallucinations for quite a while and its scaring me

Oh dear! Yes with all those drugs(and the combination thereof) could most certainly induce hallucinations. I would talk to your psychiatrist immediately. Until then I would keep a record of when and what you hallucinate as well as the time of day and anything else you might think important.

Anonymous asked:
I've recently been looking at the diagnosis for ADD disorder and almost all of the symptoms apply to me, am 16 and am also anemic as well. I told my mom that I may have it but she doesn't believe me and says it's all in my head.. What should I do?

Perhaps bring it up once more with her. Show her a list of symptoms from a reputable source and ask her if you could see a doctor about it. If she refuses again, go to someone else. Perhaps your dad? Older sibling? Teacher? Counselor? 

Anonymous asked:
I cant visit as pyscatrist for anxiety and financial related reasons but i think i possibly have schizoid?? But idk if i have that or avoidant? Thanks :((

It’s best to leave diagnosing up to the professionals.

Many areas have free or sliding-scale (based on what you can afford) mental health services for people who can’t normally afford it. Research these services in your area, or talk to a school counselor or another adult who can help you find them. Check out Mental Illness Mouse for more information.

Anonymous asked:
Is it possible to have both schizoid and borderline at the same time?

Yes, it is.

Anonymous asked:
Hi, So i have terrible separation anxiety and nobody understands at all how horrible it is or how much its ruining my life, and ive tried to explain to many different people many different ways and they never get it. So i was wondering if you had youre own way of explaining it so that they might finally understand?

Okay I’ll give this a shot:

Nowadays, everybody has smart phones. Have you ever lost or misplaced yours? I have you ever felt your empty pocket, realized your left your phone at home, and become extremely anxious and worried? Perhaps even feel “naked”? That’s what it’s like when you have separation anxiety disorder but more intense, frequent, and has a greater impact on the person. While losing your iPhone may not be the end of the world, those that suffer from separation anxiety often times wish for dead upon separation from whom they are attached to.

I hope this helps a bit. I tried to put the feelings into another, more relate-able, situation. I realize that these two scenarios are not at all the same, and the disorder is clearly much more serious than someone losing their phone. The comparison was in no way meant to undermine severity of the disorder and level of suffering felt.

Anonymous asked:
What should I do if I get really strong urges to hurt small animals? Who can I tell? Thanks for your help.

I would talk to a counselor or teacher or other adult you trust. There might be some underlying fear or rage or something else within those urges. They can also help you to control it.

I would suggest to record your urges when you get them and anything about them. Try to find patterns. Record your emotions and thoughts too.

Anonymous asked:
Do you know if obsession is a symtom of mania?

It is. Manic patients are often obsessive. 

Anonymous asked:
Hi, I need advice. I'm on 4 Lithium tablets a day for Bipolar, a sleeping pill (since I don't sleep until around midday the day after I try to sleep) and 2 tablets I can't remember the name of for delusion disorder (morbid jealousy). Long ago, I tried to overdose and I haven't been able to take tablets without puking/choking since. I keep feeling the tablets rolling down my throat the night of my O/D. Do you know if there's any liquid form of the pills I mentioned or anything related? Thanks! <3

You know I’m not sure. Ask your doctor what other forms they have. Sometimes you can get the tablets that melt on your tongue. Or if there isn’t another form you can crush them up and put them in something yummy!

Anonymous asked:
There is a list of people to talk to?

Yes! Here.